Maintenance & Care

Stona materials are some of the most high quality and durable products available on the market today. These basic recommendations and guidelines for daily use and regular maintenance will help to ensure their continued long life and beauty.  We recommend that all parts which come in contact with material are cleaned regularly. 

Stainless-steel Grater Plates
Dishwasher safe.
Remove the grater plate. Remove stuck material with a soft brush.
When slightly soiled, wash under warm water with soap and wipe dry with a clean cloth. It should be completely dry before placing it back in the grinder. When heavily soiled, and for a more intensive cleaning, soak the plate in rubbing alcohol for two minutes, then rinse under warm water and allow it to air dry. It should be completely dry before placing it back in the grinder. 

Use glass cleaner (normal glass cleaner for household use).
We recommend cleaning it by hand, not in the dishwasher. An aggressive dishwasher detergent could damage the glass. Always keep the seal of the glass dry.

Aluminum Lid
Do not put in dishwasher. 
Wash under clear warm water with dish soap and clean thoroughly. A soap product with a pH 6 - 8 should be used for regular cleaning. Dry and polish with a dry, soft cloth. A very light pH solvent (rubbing alcohol, acetone) may be used to wipe down the surface to free any fingerprints or other missed soils.

Wood Parts
Always use a soft cloth for cleaning. Dip the cloth in water, wring the cloth nearly dry and quickly wipe the area clean. Finally, dry it using a soft, clean cloth.   

Wood Care And Maintenance
The wood components are finished with food-grade wood balm with natural oils, waxes and fragrances. We recommend applying natural food-grade drying wood oil or wax to the whole surface twice a year. Apply a thin film of oil/wax using a clean, soft cloth and rub it into the wood until the oily film disappears. Use a clean, soft cloth if you need to remove excess oil/wax. 

- Sunlight -
Keep wood away from direct sunlight. Wood is especially susceptible to sun damage. Products should be kept out of direct sunlight, and away from heat sources. If exposed to these conditions the wood will eventually split or crack, and the wood will dry out.

- Humidity -
Wood is a hygroscopic material. It reacts to changes in humidity and temperature. Wood shrinks when exposed to low humidity and expands when exposed to high humidity. Humidity levels should be kept between 40 to 55% , this will guard the product from shrinking, cracking, or expansion. This is also the range considered normal for living condition and best for health.. 

Carefully handle the grater plates. They have sharp edges situated 50% under the grating surface.
Do not press the surface with your fingertips under any circumstance. Keep away from children.

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