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Stona Herb Grinder

Years ago, there was only one option if you needed to grind up some herbs: rubbing stones together with your bare hands. Herb grinders have come a long way from that, of course, but if you look around the market, you'll probably sense there's something missing. Taking all the best design concepts and improving on them, we have created Stona to be the premier combo mortar-grinder-grater, putting extreme grinding power in your hands.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2019

Perfect for dried herbs and flowers

Perfect for dried herbs and flowers, Stona slices instead of shredding, its razor-sharp microblades (more than 900 in total) working together to give you a choice as to just how fine you want the grind to be, changing out either of the two grater plates according to your tastes or needs.

What´s special about Stona?

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Stona in Action