stona grinder
stona grinder
stona grinder
stona grinder
Large Herb Grinder | Golden Cherry
Large Herb Grinder | Golden Cherry

Large Herb Grinder | Golden Cherry


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Your Coffee Table Grinder.
Made In Germany.

The days of hiding your grinder in a drawer are over.
We designed Stona to be a beautiful piece of furniture that you can proudly display at home to your guests. Our emphasis on style, design and organic values merge to create an iconic piece that goes beyond functionality.

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  • Designed and made with love in Germany
  • Includes two stainless-steel grater plates  || Fine & Medium
  • Best-in-class grind: fine, homogenous & fluffy
  • Effortless grinding
  • Easy to load
  • Easy cleaning
  • Secret air-sealed storage chamber
  • Mouth-blown smoked glass
  • Sustainably-sourced Cherry Tree wood
  • Hand-finished with food safe wood oil
  • Build your collection with the Stonitos jars


Anodized grade-6 aluminum
Bavarian Cherry tree wood
Wood finish
 Food safe wood oil
Smoked hand-blown silicone dioxide 
Grater plates
Full hard tempered magnetic stainless-steel 
FDA approved silicone


Max. diameter
Ø 85 mm ( 3 3/8 ")
85 mm ( 3 3/8 ")
400 gr. (0,9 lb)
Capacity jar*
80 ml. (2,7 fl. oz.)  

* may vary due to the nature of the hand-blowing glass manufacturing

Interchangeable grater plates

Interchangeable grater plates

Stona comes with two interchangeable magnetic stainless-steel grater plates – one for a fine grind and one for a medium grind – unlike anything else on the market.

Secret storage chamber

The lid is made from durable space grade anodized aluminum, the storage chamber is air-sealed, and you never need to screw anything together. 

Secret storage chamber
stash jar
stash jar
Stonito Storage Jar | Golden Cherry

Stonito Storage Jar | Golden Cherry


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The perfect add-on
for your grinder

stash jar
stash jar
Stonito Storage Jar | Golden Cherry

Stonito Storage Jar | Golden Cherry


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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews

I'm so glad I treated myself, everything about this grinder is well thought out and beautifully designed. I love the two grinding plates and how it stores them. The wood is so smooth. I ordered a little too early for the sale but it's so nice I don't mind

1 year of Stona....

I get elevated before I get elevated...almost daily when using my Black Walnut Pearl Grey Stona Grinder that I’ve had for the last year now. I also just today received a matching storage jar and polished the grinder itself with the new wood balm. Hahaha!!! This thing is beautiful! Works of art, the both of them. The experience is joy mixed with a bitter sweat sorrow because simple handcrafted quality of this aesthetic excellence is rare and hard to find these days. Stona baby!


I love, love, love it!

Was soll ich sagen...

Ich bin verliebt!

Vom Design bis hin zur Funktion ist euch mein neuer treuer Freund, einfach zu 1000% gelungen!

Vielen Dank dafür!

So, who is it for? Is it for you?

Good grinder will cost a decent change from ok 20 bucks to 100 Santa Cruz sort... So decide how much do you wanna spend.

Does the following paragraphs describe you?

I believe that this grinder is for people who LOVE the herb. Not just because of the obvious, but everything about it. Even to a point where there’s some sort of respect and sense of responsibility. That it becomes more of a narrative and a sense of journey.

There are many benefits that you maybe want to make this or similar choice. Some of them deals with the question, what are you inhaling. Depending on the design, there are. Aluminum grinder that may create shavings of aluminum. Technically it’s very hard to ingest aluminum. Given that they are dense, rarely shaved, and you can’t smoke it (melting point, is higher than your lighter). But like any other dust such as silica, and even wood dust, if inhaled- it may end up in the lungs. That’s not so hot. If you take all the precautions like washing your grinder, and doing maintenance / looking for marks and wearing out. Then, you are probably doing great, but I am pretty lazy. But personally, if the consequences are inhaling non absorbable materials, I would rather be safe and do some maintenance (yearly - per stona recommendation on food grade wood oil.) and then relax.

Acrylic is another option. But they have extreme low melting point. I think that’s all I should say.


Lid aluminum, wood body, 2 different steel shavers (yeah shaves, doesn’t grind), fda approved silicone seals and one glass container. No pollen catcher.

No doubt the quality is beyond standards and even the packaging is slick. If firefly 2+ is iPhone of vapes, then you Better get this stona grinder. It’s pretty much it’s AirPods of ear buds. Not that you need it, but that’s not why you’re here or the point. This grinder is unique and easy, and nothing really to explain- once you hold it in your hands.

The only complaint I have is that the herb gets stuck/smooshed in between the mashing stem and the side wall of bowl.

If you aim is to grind as much as possible or just trying get there in the right head space ASAP, it probably isn’t for you. This item needs love and care. You might look into steel ones. You will immediately feel the difference of the results.


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