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stona grinder
stona grinder
stona grinder
stona grinder
stona grinder
stona grinder
stona grinder
stona grinder
Herb Grinder

Herb Grinder



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  • Due to international restrictions caused by the corona pandemic, we currently ship only within Germany and the EU. At this time, we cannot ship to US and Canada until further notice.
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  • Includes two stainless-steel grater plates || Fine and medium
  • Secret air-sealed storage chamber
  • Mouth-blown smoked glass
  • Anodized bead-blasted space grade aluminum lid
  • Sustainably-sourced Bavarian wood
  • Hand-finished with 100% vegan wax
  • Designed and made with love in Germany
  • Dimensions: Ø 85 mm ( 3 3/8 "), height 85 mm ( 3 3/8 ")

Natural characteristics of wood

At Stona, we believe that nature is the most gifted designer. For this reason, we use only the highest grade, sustainably- sourced Bavarian wood in our manufacturing process. To ensure great consistency and uncompromised quality, we personally hand-select every piece of wood we use. Considerable appreciation is given to woods that are made unique by small knots, gum pockets and color variations. These subtle yet desirable natural hallmarks enhance our designs and compliment the strength and durability of each piece.

Black Walnut Grinder

The Black Walnut Grinder is made of heartwood and sapwood. The heartwood is the center of the tree and its color ranges from light brown to dark chocolate brown color. Walnut sapwood is the outer layer of the tree and has a creamy white color.
During the material selection for our grinders, we combine both heartwood and sapwood, creating a unique aesthetic and exceptional color contrast patterns.

Razor-sharp microblades

Perfect for dried herbs and flowers, Stona slices instead of shredding, its razor-sharp microblades (more than 900 in total) working together to give you a choice as to just how fine you want the grind to be, changing out either of the two grater plates according to your tastes or needs.

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Interchangeable grater plates

Stona comes with two interchangeable magnetic stainless-steel grater plates – one for a fine grind and one for a medium grind – unlike anything else on the market.

Secret storage chamber

The lid is made from durable space grade anodized aluminum, the storage chamber is air-sealed, and you never need to screw anything together. 

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"A wonderful product, and a fabulous campaign." 

- Aaron, Kickstarter backer -

"I can´t recommend it enough!! It completely changed that part of my routine. Now grinding is a pleasure, and the grinder is a piece of art in itself!"

- Giovanni -

"One of the best deliveries from concept to product out of the 75 projects I have backed and received so far. A big congratulations to the Stona team and best of luck going forward!"

- Joshua,  Kickstarter Backer -

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